Site Ready skimming course

Starting on June 6th we have a 15-week part time course with British Gypsum that could change your career forever.

This FREE course is just 2 days a week for 15 weeks

British Gypsum Site Ready Skimming Course

Would you swap 2 days a week, for 15 weeks
of your life for a lifetime of solid income as a

That’s exactly what our Site Ready Skimming
course does for you. It’s FREE and easy to get

If you have basic trowel skills and want to
really learn how to earn a good living
skimming, this is the course for you!

Course start date: 6th June 2022
Location: Heywood, Manchester
BOOK NOW to avoid disappointment.

Want more information?

Just download our Site Ready Skimming Course pdf for all the information you need. 

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